Destination Imagination is a program that encourages problem solving and creativity in kids and young adults. Your child forms a team with friends or other kids interested in Destination Imagination and choose one of 7 challenges (Technical Challenge, Scientific, Fine Arts, etc.). Your team is then tasked with solving the challenge in the most creative way possible. In February or March, your team will perform your solution and compete against other teams to all that are watching at your regional tournament. Not only will you be performing in just your main challenge, but also in an “Instant Challenge”, where your team has a certain amount of time to create a solution for the challenge that the appraisers (judges) gave you (you will only be performing to the appraisers, no audience will be watching). If you make it past the regional tournament, then you will advance to the state tournament in April. If you make it past the State level competition, than you have the option to go to the global level tournament in May which is hosted in Kansas City, where you will be competing against teams from across the world.